Game of Thrones: Conquest




Join forces with Tyrion and Jon Snow in the conquest of Westeros


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Game of Thrones: Conquest is a strategy game where players join up with one of the ruling houses in Westeros, the fictional continent where Game of Thrones takes place. Your mission is to choose a side and fight for the crown, nails and tooth if need be.

Gameplay in Game of Thrones: Conquest as per usual within this genre: in your city you'll build up different types of buildings, necessary to obtain raw materials and other resources. For example, you'll need farms to produce grain and feed your troops. But you also need a stronghold to recruit said troops.

From the game's general map, you can take a look at other players' cities, or send to your armies out to fight against other houses or against fearsome enemies like the White Walkers. In addition, you'll forge alliances with other players and share the boot of your winnings.

Game of Thrones: Conquest is an entertaining management strategy game, which of course will be especially popular among fans of the popular TV show. The game itself has the official license and this is noticeable both in its soundtrack and cameos by many of today's top stars.